Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Update for the last 3 weeks

I have kind of found myself in a funk since my vacation a couple of weeks ago. We thoroughly enjoyed the beach. Spending a week on the beach should be a monthly occourance! I only ran on the beach once (it was not too bad), but I did go walking for several miles almost every morning I was there. The girls only managed to get moderately burned (other than my oldest daughters chin), but my wife managed to worry too much about the kids on the first day and skipped putting sunscreen on sections of her legs and got pretty roasted. She ended up wearing long pants to the beach for the next several days.

Since we got back, I have only managed 1-2 runs a week. My schedule has just been fluctuating. We had my brother in-law and his family stay with us for several days and my motivation has just flagged for the last 2 weeks. My distances have increased a little, but the frequency has not. I am finally feeling that my motivation is returning. Yesterday I did 50 minutes of laps in the pool and this morning I did 8 miles on the bike followed by 2.6 miles running. That is actually a little more distances than my triathlon this Saturday.

SATURDAY!!!!!! It just does not seem possible that the Triathlon I signed up for 4 months and 40 pounds ago is this week! I am both nervous and excited. Most of my nervousness is getting out with all the super fit people. I know I can do the course, but I hate the idea of showing off my body to all the people there. Even though I have lost about 48 pounds, I still have another 50 pounds on me that I wish would go somewhere else. I hope that once I get there, I will relax about it, but my squishy shape is still a source of anxiety to me now. I wore my new triathlon shorts this morning for my bike/run and they felt pretty good. I should be fine with them for the swim/bike portion, but I will probably throw on some running shorts over them for the run portion. Some things just don't look that good in Spandex!

I just got the pre-race info in the email. Most of it looks like I expected, but the one thing I did not expect was to not be able to use headphones. To tell you the truth, it never occured to me that we would not be able to use them. I guess I will not be using my Nike+ for this. I am still debating whether to use my HRM. I am leaning against it due to the dificulty of keeping the sensor on while swimming. I will have enough distractions without that also.

If I survive this weekend ;) my next event will be a 60 mile bike ride next weekend.



Lori said...

You'll do awesome on the triathlon! Mine is this weekend as well. Hope your weather is good!

Don't worry about what you look like going out there - you have trained hard and deserve to be there. Everyone else will be concentrating on themselves, so you do the same and be focused!

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