Saturday, July 11, 2009

Race day - Finally!

Well, this morning was my first triathlon. I signed up for this triathlon about 3 months ago and have been trying t0 train up to this day ever since. I've managed to loose about 50 pounds and have increased my run distance from 0 to 3.6 miles. So I was feeling pretty confident that I would be able to finish everything, but most of my anxiety was over my self image which is still not what I want. When I think of triathlons, I see images of the Ironman and the people who run them. Intellectually I know that sprint triathlons are not like that, but until I did one that image was stuck in my mind.


I woke up this morning at about 5:20 and started getting ready. I made sure I used the bathroom at the house because I know the ones at the YMCA pool where the triathlon is held are not really that nice. I then cooked my normal breakfast (Canadian bacon and eggs), got everything together and headed to the location. I only live about 15 minutes away so I got there about 6:25. We were supposed to be there by 6:30, but 7:15 would have worked out just as well.

I got my bike off the rack and ensured my tires were pumped up. The grabbed everything I needed and headed to the transition area. I setup my stuff and realized that I did not have my water. Oh well, plenty of time to get the water later, time to get chipped. So I headed up the hill to the registration tables. I had picked up my number yesterday so I just needed to get my timing chip and get my number inked on. After that, me and everyone else had over an hour to wait for the race. To try to relax (I was full of nervous energy) I went back to my car and read a little of a book. At about 7:30 I changed my shirt (I had already sweated through my first one due to the nervous energy), and headed to the pool.


The swim was going to start at 8 so along with a bunch of others, I stretched and did a couple of warm up laps. Then it was time to start! They had mentioned that you could not dive in so I was a little surprised to see the first people taking a running jump into the water. They must have been going about 8 feet out on the jump. I did not see any clumping in front of me (I was about 40th in line) so the people in front of me seemed to do a good job of estimating their time. Finally its my turn and I jump in just like everyone else. I get to the first wall and I'm a little out of breath, mostly due to excitement. I had decided to not try flip turns with everyone else in the pool so I just touched the wall and kicked off into the next lane. We had 8 lengths to swim and I settled into a rhythm. I caught the guy in front of me on the 7th length and passed him for the last length. I climbed out of the pool and ran to my sandals. The transition area was about 50 yards away in the third parking lot down the hill from the pool. I did not want to try running barefoot on the parking lots


When I got to the transition area, I took the time to dry off some and put on socks and my bike shoes. I then put on my helmet grabbed the bike and headed out. The bike route was 2 loops through the local neighborhood. The only thing I didn't like about it was that there were many sharp turns and it was hard to get into a rythym when you would have to slow down for a 90 degree turn and then head up a hill. The bike went well with some of the better riders passing me and I passed some of the others. After the second loop I headed back to the transition for the run.


During the transition, I drank some water and a GU gel. When I headed out my calves started feeling very tight so the first thing I did was to stretch them out. I also noticed that my back was feeling a little sore when I started the run, but not enough to stop me. The first half of the run was not much of a problem, but I started to overheat on the second half. I dumped a half cup of water on me and continued on. I walked a little on the last big hill then ran to the finish.

All in all I am very glad I did this and cannot wait to do it again. (In september!) Hopefully they will post the split times soon so I can find out how I did.

Later, Scott


Lori said...

Great job!

You have accomplished so much, especially going from 0 to 3.6 miles in 3 months! Wow!

It only gets better from here :D

Bob Hazen said...

Nice! Getting you're first under your belt. I've wanted to do a tri for the longest time but just haven't gotten over my fear yet. (water + lots of people).

I'm going to enjoy reading about your progress - and maybe you just might get me in the pool....

Great Job!

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