Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weird week

This week has been a weird one for me. After the hiking last Saturday, i did not feel like doing anything on Sunday or Monday. I did 3 mile runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, then nothing on Thursday or Friday. (I let a friend talk me into seing a movie Friday instead of my planned spin class).

S0 I figured I would be rested today so I decided to do a brick. I hopped on my bike and started around the neighborhood then around the next one. I managed to do 5.75 miles when I next reached my house so I decided to go ahead and try to run. The operative word there is try. It felt like somone replaced my nice running shoes with concrete shoes. I managed a mile then when I hit the big hill at the back of the subdivision and my legs just could not take it. I had to walk that hill and the other 3 hills on the way back home. I managed 2.25 miles at a 13 minute pace. Obviously I need to work on my preperations for this. I also think I need to eat something before I try one of these again. I just felt out of energy when I did the run.

So, now for the good news. We are at the beach! I will get to practive my running on the beach for the next week. YAY!

Have fun,


Lori said...

Welcome to the bike/run brick LOL! Did you downshift for a bit before the run?

I found fueling after the bike and giving myself a 5 minute break was helpful to finish the run part.

Cyndi said...

Be careful running on the sand! I've heard of a lot of injuries after beach running....especially as a newer runner - your ligaments and joints are still adjusting. Sand is a whole different animal! Me personally? I don't think I will ever run a beach!

Keep up the good effort! You are doing great!

I Run for Fun said...

BRICK is tough, I've heard.

Enjoy the beach!